The Port of Perd'e Sali

The Port of Perd'e Sali is located in Sarroch, southwest of Cagliari, 30 minutes from Cagliari-Elmas airport and a few kilometers from the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, the Forte Village and the golf courses of Is Molas.

The marina is at the end of the access road to the tourist resort of Perd'e Sali (Via del Porto). A short walk from the Port is possible to immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of Perd'e Sali and Porto Columbu Bay, while for enthusiasts of historical monuments it is possible to land via hiking tread or by sea admire the majestic Devil's Tower located in the immediate near the North of the port at Punta Zavorra.
In 2013, the construction of the new service facility was completed: a restaurant with pizzeria, bars and small shops is available to tourists throughout the year.
The port takes on a remarkable strategic importance as it is the nearest tourist harbor to Pula, and is the only one on the southwest coast of Sardinia between Cagliari and Teulada.

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