The Devil's Tower, Sarroch (Sardinia)

The Devil's Tower, also known in Sardinian as "Sa turri e su scolliu", is the Sarroch Coastal Tower, a jewel of the seventeenth century that rises on the headland of Punta Zavorra.

Devil's Tower is a historic site of rare beauty that gives one of the most characteristic scenery of the entire Sarroch territory. 
The monument is a sight tower that is located on the headland of Punta Zavorra, in the Gulf of the Angels, in the territory of Sarroch.
It was built by the Crown of Spain as part of the fortified structures that from the Middle Ages to the mid-nineteenth century constituted the defensive, sighting and communication system of the coast of the island.
The tower, built at 50 meters above sea level with volcanic rock, andesite and limestone friezes, has a truncated cone shape and was built in 1639 according to the historical studies of Francesco Vico. The property has a dome with a hole for access to the terrace.
The site is easily accessible along a hiking path immersed in a lush Mediterranean scrub overlooking the sea, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf of Angels and the entire coastline towards Pula. You get to the path along the entire Sa Punta coastal road.
From the Tower of the Devil it is easily visible the Tower of San Macario and the Tower of Nora.


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