The "Sa Domu 'e s'Orcu" Nuragh (The House of the Orc)

The "House of the Orc" Nuraghe, in Sardinian "Sa Domu 'e s'Orcu", is the most visited archaeological site in the Sarroch territory. Built in the bronze age, it's easily reachable and it's one of the most known nuraghe in South Sardinia.

The Nuraghe "Sa Domu 'e s'Orcu" is a complex and bilobed nuraghe, one of the most important and visited in the territory, not only because of its historical importance but also because it is easily accessible, equipped with trails, rest areas and signs.
The nuraghe stands on a hill in Sa Punta's coastal area. From Sarroch you follow the indicative signs, when you reach the public park you turn right by taking a dirt road that runs along a hill, from this point the nuraghe is well visible, following the road you access a path to walk on foot about 300 meters. The nuraghe consists of two towers and an inner courtyard, in the entrance corridor was erected in a first restoration operation a column with the aim of supporting the weight of the boulders, at risk of collapse.
In front of the entrance, there is an aptic niche in the rectangular yard, a constructional detail common to many nuraghe. In the courtyard there are two more doors, one on the left of the entrance and one on the right, the latter, by a short corridor , leads to the oldest tower, facing north; this tower is 8.10 meters high and has a circular base with a diameter of 10.15 meters. At an altitude of 4 meters, there is an entrance leading to the terrace, through a 2.60 meter inner wall corridor. The final part of the tholos dome collapsed, leaving the tower uncovered. With the entrance to the left of the courtyard, you arrive, via a short corridor, to the other tower, added later. This tower has a base with a diameter of 9.20 meters and is 6.75 m high. Even in this tower the upper part collapsed (source).

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